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Innovation is not the role of Innovation Directors. Trying to land innovation without engaging your employees is like throwing a party and forgetting to invite your guests. To be successful and sustained, every part of your organisation needs to be switched on to innovation opportunities. Today, most great ideas die because the core business is ‘too busy’ to implement them. But there is another way… In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover practical tools that you can implement tomorrow to engage the core of your business with impact. p.s. If you’re already landing 100% of the innovations within your company, this workshop probably isn’t for you.

Design Lab

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Start-up Lab

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Growth Lab

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Growing your business, attracting leads, converting prospects and keeping customers doesn’t have to be hard – it can be profitable and simple. In this workshop discover exactly how you can do that through marketing automation. You’ll learn the strategies you can use to double your business, increase profits, get better marketing ROI and happier customers. With free workbooks and personal strategic advice, you’ll have the opportunity to build your own strategy, create a plan, and optimise your customer journey, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced power user.


Jonathan Slater

Consultant & Founder @ Blue Globe Innovation

“Crowd Funding Strategies”

Ferhat Demir

Innovation Consultant & Founder @ QGroup

“A Brilliant Idea or A Big Opportunity?”

Tara Ross

Consultant & Founder @ NoobTools

“Mid-21st Century Innovation: Red Ocean Digital & Blue Ocean Physical”

Adrian Holt

Lead Innovation Scout @ JHub, UK Ministry of Defense

“Innovation in Established Organisations: Learnings from Year One in the jHub”

Liam Brennan

Global Director of Innovation @ MediaCom

“Acting Like a Start-up: How are Corporates Working and Competing with Start-ups”

Paul Foulkes-Arellano

Client Programme @ Pricepice Design

“Sustainable Marketing Innovation: Secrets of Cool Package Design”

Amelia Kallman



Robert Baldock

Managing Director @ The Innovation Brokers

“The Art of Experimentation”

Alex Hamilton

Head of Innovation @ Isobar

“The Future of Interface”

Chris Hafner

Chairman of the Board @ Strategic Planning Society

“Finding the Innovation Opportunity by Blue Ocean Strategy”

Charlie Curtis

Director of Growth & Innovation @ Inzenka

“Business Model Design”

Cem Sari

Director @ Thing That Matters

“A Journey of a Corporate Intrapreneur: How I Transform a Company into an Idea Platform”

Adriano La Vopa

Founder @ Smartangle

“Opportunity Assessment”

Tom Day

Innovation Director @ Market Gravity

“Proposition Design”

Marco Monterzino

Human Centered Designer & Innovation Consultant @ Monterzino Design

“Hardware Product Design Process”

Joel Wallington

Strategy Director @ Co:Cubed

“Impactful Innovation: From Doing to Enabling”

Kenda Macdonald

Founder @ Automation Ninjas

“Understanding Buyer Psychology: Customer Journey Mapping”


Plexal Innovation Centre

This workspace has been designed to resemble a mini-city, so it has its’ very own indoor park, private phone booths, high street, town hall and workshop space for rapid prototyping.
Why? Because Plexal believes innovators need two things: opportunities to connect with people and space to think or create in quiet.

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Google London

Meet Glocal Innovators and Learn Their Innovation Stories


Date: May 17, 2019
Time: 10:00-12:00 am






















Register Before April 15 and Get %20 Discount!

3 and More Participants Get Extra %5 Discount! Code: coupon5

*Turnover under £1 Million
**Younger than 3 Years Old





An Inspring Venue-All Day Innovation

The Trampery

The Trampery Old Street
239 Old Street
Tel: +44 (0)203 111 9883

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