innovatours Manifesto


Innovation is a journey. “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide. Travel is a part of education. Most importantly, it is a part of innovation.


The era of one-way communication is over. Participatory dialogue is the way forward.

Don’t Judge

No rush to jump in quick solutions. Holding the space for other thoughts will open your mind to new possibilities.

Build On Each Other’s Ideas

The best ideas come from collaborate effort and collective imagination. So put yourself out there, they won’t bite.

Welcome Uncertainty

Everything should not be strictly structured and planned. Leave some space for creativity and leaning into the unfamiliar is the only way to create something truly original.

Have Fun

Always have fun and enjoy whatever you do. Happiness is socially contagious. Work hard, play hard.

Trust The Power Of Tools

Life is in constant flux and experiences unfold in every moment. Don’t fall prey to easy solutions and quick fixes. Learn to use new tools, try new ways.


Make mistakes. Fail and learn. Don’t take yourself too seriously. By acknowledging our failures, we can transcend our egos and learn for the future.