CONSUMER RIGHTS & SHOPPING data security and Privacy


Privacy Of Your Personal Information:
innovatours.all personal information you provide to us as part of your membership to will not be shared with any person, institution or organization except for your information or consent, or as required by law.

Security Of Your Shopping:
The protection of your membership information in the site and the security of the communication with banks during the credit card process are provided by SSL. SLL (SecureSocketLayers) takes place in 128-bit standard. With SSL certification and credit card security system, your data is securely encrypted. As soon as your credit card information is not stored on us, it will be sent directly to the bank server.

The SSL security system is an encryption method developed for secure shopping. Provides secure exchange of information between the web browser you are using and the web server of the site to which you are connected.
As long as you navigate to an SSL-enabled site and enter information, you will not be able to be tracked by third parties.
The information you enter in the SSL security area is automatically encrypted with an encoding system that is impossible to decode and read by third parties before it is sent to the opposite party.

This information can only be decrypted by the web server on the opposite side and can only be decrypted at the correct address and made meaningful information. Both parties also verify that the confidentiality of the transaction and the shared information is preserved. This authority is internationally guaranteed. credit card or other payment information is recorded when shopping from World. Your credit card information is secured by your bank, your credit card information is not stored anywhere except in the Bank database, your information cannot be accessed.
Therefore, you must re-enter your card and payment information for each new shopping.
You are redirected to the SSL security area when you log into your account or when you are in the process of completing the transaction. Innovatours with the Internet browser you information exchange begins between the world and the web server. When your connection is encrypted, you can send any kind of personal information such as your name, address, credit card number, bank account number, password, etc.securely and prevent anyone from reading such information over the internet.