October 22, 2020


October 22, 2020

Are you a pre-seed/seed stage startup currently looking to fundraise or strategic partners?

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to pitch to Corporate Executives and Innovation Professionals.
You’ll have the opportunity to pitch, discuss and explore your venture in 1:1 conversation with leading corporations.


You’ll have the opportunity to learn solid innovation/design and creativity methods and tools in our hands-on workshops under 4 Labs!

Leading experts and consultants are facilitating immersive workshop series to train entrepreneurs and corporote teams

Startups and innovation, design, marketing and technology professionals are welcome!


Creativity Lab

Creativity is not the mystical attribute reserved for the lucky few. Creativity is a skill that you can develop and a process that can be managed. The session will provide participants with practical and unconventional tools to solve problems by innovative thinking, reveal ‘secrets’ on how to unleash innovation and teach how to adopt an innovative mindset to accelerate personal/business growth.
Questioning is a must-have 21st Century skill. A good answer to the wrong question is wasteful of resources and has no commercial value. In this high energy workshop you’ll learn and practice problem definition and follow a canvas which will end in you achieving clarity on what problem you are really solving, and create a killer question which will compel you to solve it creatively.

Design Lab

Design Intelligence, revealed. We walk you through the methodology that focuses on people, seeking to offer solutions that anticipates their needs and desires, improving their quality of life using research insights, the Lúcid toolbox and strategic outputs with key deliverables for project success. We will use real case studies and real clients.
Welcome to the Design Economy. We have come a long way from production to service to experience to creator to now a design economy. Design Intelligence is the new marketplace skill to create future propositions where customer is not just the king, but now a key stakeholder. With democratization of data, users are becoming the designer of their experiences. We will understand the success mindset of businesses using real case studies.

Growth Lab

You’ve probably heard the phrase ideas are cheap; execution is king. To get from an idea to making it real, you need prototyping. This is where you make ideas real as quickly as possible to get feedback and learn. We’ll go through everything you need to get started on prototyping and give you examples of how you can test products, services and even business models. Rather than theory, you’ll get your hands dirty and go through a few exercises that will test your imagination, creativity and speed.
The focus of the session is to look at how an organization validate innovation and create new business value. Innovation is not just about a new idea but adoption by the market. Learn how to engage in service innovation and future case framework.

Demo Lab


Alan Ting

Head of Innovation & Strategy @ Toozu

Alan Ting

"Digitalization through DLIT-Design Life Innovation Technology"
Bharati Dixit

Head of Design Thinking & Innovation @ Blackbox Research

Bharati Dixit

"Next Growth Wave by Design Thinking"
Dr. CJ Meadows

Top-10 Women in IT-Asia | Design Thinking & Innovation | Leadership & Creativity | Consulting & Coaching

Dr. CJ Meadows

Emir Nurov

CEO and Co-Founder @Resync

Emir Nurov

"CEO and Co-Founder at RESYNC"
Ferhat Demir

Founder @ Head of Agency @ QGroup

Ferhat Demir

"Strategy | Innovation | Execution"
Hakon Ellekjaer

Hakon Ellekjaer / Head of Venture @ Wilhelmsen Group

Hakon Ellekjaer

"Trends in 3D printing: from Shipping Parts to Sending Files"
İlker Yengin

Associate Director @ Singtel

İlker Yengin

"Proposition Design"
Jacqueline Alexis Thng

Jacqueline Alexis Thng / Partner @ Prophet

Jacqueline Alexis Thng

"What is Next for CX and Branding"
Jesuit Loh

Jesuit Loh / Chief Venture Officer @ OnlyVenture Consulting

Jesuit Loh

"Innovation Formula: Agile X Design Thinking"
Joeri Schilders

Founder @ The Magic Sauce

Joeri Schilders

"Prototyping like a Pro"
Liak Goh

Innovation Lead @Aurecon

Liak Goh

How to Design A Unique Innovation Experience
Roshni Pandey

Roshni Pandey / Founder & Managing Partner @ Lexicon Blue

Roshni Pandey

"Testing Your Innovation Strategy "
Shanker Pillai

"Head- Innovation & Change at Hafnia"

Shanker Pillai

"Digital Innovation Trends"
Stu Llyod

Hotheads Innovation Training & Consulting

Stu Llyod

"Leveraging the neuroscience of creativity and persuasion so that you can reach peak performance."
Yoav Elgrichi

Yoav Elgrichi / Founder @ ImpacTech

Yoav Elgrichi

"How to Unleash Innovation with Creativity Tools"


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Main Stage + Startup Stage + Labs



Main Stage + Startup Stage + Labs

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Main Stage + Startup Stage + Labs

+ Presentations + Tours

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