During innovatours Barcelona, we explore four themes;
Food Innovation & Artısanal Industry, Future Cities & Mobility, Fashion & Luxury, Media & Creativity.

Since we met first year in 2018, we’ve been engaging the innovatours community in exploring what content to fill these themes with.

What are the most pressing issues?

What is a perspective that’s relevant but rarely represented?

The result is a broad range of topics.
A content that is relevant regardless of what industry you are working in, putting new innovations and development in a broader perspective.

innovatours explores four different
themes and each theme consists of
three sessions in order to dig deeper
into the subject. Below are all sessions.

Future Cities & Mobility

⬖Beyond Smart Cities to A Circular, Inclusive & Democratic City
⬖The Future of Urban Environments and the Challenge for Innovation
⬖The Vehicle of The Future

Food Innovation & Artısanal Industry

⬖Crafting Spirits by User Oriented Design
⬖3D Printed Plant-Based Meat
⬖Creating an Earth-Friendly Food Brand

Media & Creativity

⬖Technology Trends & New Consumption Patterns in Media
⬖Boosting Creativity with Open Innovation
⬖Gamification on Research

Fashion & Luxury

⬖Fashion Industry Safari
⬖The Creativity of Up-cycling Fashion
⬖The First Impression...Does It Really Matter?